FF 250

The FF250 is a compact wind tunnel explicitly designed for installation in shopping malls, adventure parks, or any other location you choose. Starting your first wind tunnel project with the FF250 offers low cost, compact size, and minimal power requirements, resulting in increased income for your business. The production time is six months, with on-site installation taking just a month.

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The entertainment industry is evolving, with parks, shopping malls, and entrepreneurs seeking fresh ways to draw visitors. Compact indoor skydiving tunnels represent a new trend in the industry.

In 2023, we introduced the FF250 wind tunnel, specially designed for entertainment, adventure parks, shopping malls, and entrepreneurs. It is a compact wind tunnel with low power requirements, enabling a swift setup to generate additional revenue and enhance your marketing efforts.

This enclosed wind tunnel is ideal for kids, families, and corporate entertainment, making it a hit with first-timers.

Location for
the wind tunnel

The compact wind tunnel FF250 has been explicitly designed for use in recreational areas, including:

- Shopping centers
- Entertainment Parks
- Water parks

The wind tunnel has a height of 10.5 meters and a footprint of 11.3 x 5.2 meters, making it easy to integrate into any building.

Accommodation in a standalone building is also possible. It is lightweight and does not require a foundation, making it suitable for installation on any floor.

Air Duct

This model is made of fiberglass and aluminum. Composite materials are not subject to corrosion and are more resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Additionally, fiberglass parts serve the function of noise insulation.

Power Consumption

Electrical connection is a crucial consideration during wind tunnel installation. The FF250 has a maximum power requirement of just 315 kW, with an average power consumption of 150-200 kW. This minimizes the electrical connection demands, leading to reduced flight costs and a higher return on investment for your business.

Flight Zone

We've successfully maximized the flight zone in this compact wind tunnel to ensure visitor comfort.

- The flight zone has a conical shape and is entirely constructed of glass.
- It has a base diameter of 2.2 meters.
- At its maximum height, the diameter reaches 2.7 meters.
- The height of the flight zone is 4.1 meters.

Noise Insulation Package

When installing a wind tunnel inside a public area, such as a shopping mall or an entertainment park, ensuring the comfort of all visitors is essential. Noise reduction is a primary objective in the wind tunnel installation process. To address this, the FreeFly Technology FF250 wind tunnel can be equipped with a set of noise insulation panels that form a structure around the tunnel.

- Noise level 65 dB
- Complete design solution
- Cost-effective alternative to designing a noise insulation structure

Main Info

Max flyers

1 + instructor

Flight area diameter

2.2 to 2.7 (conical)

Airflow speed (max)

65 m/sec

Noise emission in the spectator area

65 Db

Average power consumption

150 kW

Required power connection without chiller

315 kW 3 phase

Installation time

6 weeks

Cooling system

Turning flaps

Chiller system

Turning blades cooling



10,5 m


5.2 x 11,3 m

Flight area height

4.1 m

Glass section height

3.5 m