FF 300

Maximize the flying experience for both first-time and pro flyers with our high-speed FF300 wind tunnel, which you can personally test at any of our projects.

Simply fill out the form, and receive comprehensive guidance for your indoor skydiving project. The production time is approximately eight months, with on-site installation completed within two months.

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Wind Tunnel for
& Sport

In 2017, we sparked a revolution in the indoor skydiving industry by developing a wind tunnel capable of accommodating both first-time flyers and professional athletes. Simultaneously, we engineered this wind tunnel to be more energy-efficient than traditional professional models. This is the story of how the 3-meter diameter FF300 wind tunnel came into existence, opening up thrilling possibilities for participants as young as 4 years old.

As of 2022, we have successfully launched six such tunnels worldwide, earning the top spot in the number of 3-meter diameter indoor skydiving projects.

Location for
the Wind Tunnel

A 3-meter wind tunnel offers numerous possibilities for launching your indoor skydiving venture.

Choose your location and embark on your project by:

-Integrating it inside or near a shopping mall or adventure park.
- Constructing a tunnel building complete with a café and relaxation areas.
- Enhancing your earnings through collaboration with an artificial wave.

FF300 Evolution

Five years of production experience culminated in the enhanced FF300 model.

New fiberglass air duct parts offer improved noise and vibration insulation, while the upgraded ventilation and cooling system ensures easier connection and use. This marks a new level of manufacturing quality.

Power Consumption

The FF300 wind tunnel is equipped with two electrical fans, each with a capacity of 355 kW. This totals 710 kW for fan power, though the average power consumption is approximately 400 kW. This power is sufficient for accommodating first-timers and children.

If you choose to install a chiller, you will require 310 kW for it. The FF300 is equipped with heat exchangers that can be connected to any chiller model of your choice.

Equipment Features

The FF300 wind tunnel boasts an impressive array of upgrades, enhancing both its construction and indoor skydiving operations:

- A selection of electrical fans from top manufacturers (ELCOM/ABB/Siemens)
-Adjustable width for construction optimization
- Dynamic lighting system
-VR pack for an immersive flight experience
- Concrete bottom air duct
- A set of noise insulation panels, reducing noise levels to 65dB

Main Info

Max flyers

5 + instructor

Flight area diameter

3 m

Airflow speed (max)

72 m/sec

Noise emission in the spectator area

65 Db

Average power consumption

330 kW

Required power connection without chiller

710 Kw 3 phase

Installation time

8 weeks

Cooling system

Turning flaps

Chiller system

Heat exchanger cooling



17 m

Height from the flight zone entrance (0`00 point)

4,85 m


16,2 х 5,2 m

Flight area height

10.8 m

Glass section height

5.7 m