FF 430

Elevate your indoor skydiving project with the FF430 wind tunnel, designed for serious goals. When you embark on a project with us, you'll receive comprehensive guidance from inception to tunnel commissioning. Our extensive range of customization options ensures your project is tailored to your exact requirements. The FF430 is the standard for world championships, boasting a production time of ten months and on-site installation within five months.

FROM $2 850,000

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Wind tunnel for Sports,
Exhibition and
Military Training

A 4.3-meter diameter wind tunnel is versatile, suitable for training athletes, hosting competitions, and providing an exciting experience for first-time flyers. This diameter wind tunnel is also utilized for military training, accommodating up to 8 individuals simultaneously. This spacious tunnel offers extensive possibilities for both individual and group training and provides a truly immersive flying experience. Visitors of all ages, starting from 4 years old, can enjoy the experience.

Location for
the Wind Tunnel

Create your own entertainment and extreme sports center with our 4.3-meter wind tunnels. These tunnels require a separate building, giving you the freedom to customize it according to your vision. Bring your original sports center concept to life! Enhance the experience by adding a café and a relaxation area, and introduce exciting activities like electric karting, an artificial wave, or a climbing wall. Host competitions and become the hub of sports activities in your area. If you already have a building, you can seamlessly integrate the wind tunnel with it.


Our wind tunnel boasts a noise-reducing concrete base, minimizing disturbances and vibrations during flights. Additionally, fiberglass components in the confuser and diffuser further enhance noise insulation.
The single-loop design offers integration flexibility, making it ideal for various building structures. Whether you're creating a dedicated facility or fitting it into an existing space, our wind tunnel adapts to your needs.

Our collaborative approach begins by working closely with your architects and designers. We use our experience to offer tailored advice to optimize your project. Your success is our top priority.

Power Consumption

The FF430 wind tunnel is equipped with four 400 kW electrical fans, requiring a total fan power of 1600 kW.

If you choose to install a chiller, you will require 624 kW for it. The FF430 is equipped with heat exchangers that can be connected to any chiller model of your choice.

Equipment Features

Dynamics, safety, and the 'WOW' factor are integral components that ensure an unforgettable flight experience. The FF430 wind tunnel comes equipped with various entertainment features:

- The safety landing system ensures a secure landing even in cases of a fall from a great height
- Dynamic lighting allows you to create customizable lighting programs for the wind tunnel, delivering an impressive light show.
- A photo/video recording system preserves the memories of the flight while generating additional income for your business
- VR glasses offer a new dimension to the flying experience
- A set of noise insulation panels reduces noise levels to 65dB

Main Info

Max flyers

8 + instructor

Flight area diameter

4.3 to 5 (conical)

Airflow speed (max)

83 m/sec

Noise emission in the spectator area

65 Db

Average power consumption

550 kW

Required power connection without chiller

1600 Kw 3 phase

Installation time

20 weeks

Cooling system

Turning flaps

Chiller system

Heat exchanger cooling



29.5 m

Height from the flight zone entrance (0`00 point)

17.9 m


19.7 x 6.5 m

Flight area height

11.9 m

Glass section height

7.1 m