Place to Set Up

Selecting the right location for the wind tunnel can be time-consuming as it must meet specific requirements. If you already have a suitable spot, you're in luck. Otherwise, you'll need to invest time in the search. Below are the key requirements for installing a wind tunnel:

Place to set up

Power Capacity

Ensure you have the necessary electrical power to connect the tunnel. Your choice of wind tunnel should align with the available electrical power at the location.

Power capacity


The city's population should exceed 300,000 residents, which, based on our data, is the minimum requirement for generating income from a wind tunnel business. Additionally, it's essential to consider the income level of the population, as this significantly impacts the project's profitability.

Human Traffic

The location should attract a substantial number of visitors. Placing a tunnel in a shopping mall, amusement park, or similar venues can create a strong buzz marketing effect, guaranteeing a steady flow of customers.

Human traffic