Types of Wind Tunnel Installation

There are 3 basic types of wind tunnel installation. Each of the options has its pros and cons. The type of installation will be determined by the specifics of your location.

A building specifically designed to accommodate the wind tunnel

This option involves designing a capital building, considering the placement of the wind tunnel.

Advantages of this type of project:

  • • The architecture of the project can have a WOW factor, creating an additional marketing effect.
  • • The wind tunnel can operate 24/7, all year round.
  • • You can create a café, a recreation area, and additional entertainment in the building. Your possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget.

Disadvantages of this type of wind tunnel installation:

  • • Increased project costs for design and construction.
  • • Extended project launch time due to the construction of the building.
Capital building
Standalone wind tunnel

Standalone wind tunnel


This option involves installing a wind tunnel on a land plot and constructing a facility around the indoor skydiving setup without the need for extensive additional construction.

Advantages of this type of project:

• Ideal location with high customer traffic (mall parking, amusement park, etc.).

• Potential for a WOW-factor architecture, creating additional marketing impact.

 • The wind tunnel can work 24/7.• Possibility to include a cafe, recreational areas, and supplementary entertainment within the building. Only limited by your imagination and budget.

 • Relatively lower project budget for design and construction costs.

Disadvantages of this type of installation of a wind tunnel:

 • Dependence on weather conditions.

 • Extended project launch time due to building construction.

Wind tunnel in a shopping mall

With the development of the wind tunnel industry and the indoorskydiving business, compact models of simulators appeared. They are designed specifically for placement inside the buildings of shopping and entertainment centers. Installation becomes easier due to the low need for electrical power and relatively small dimensions.

Advantages of installing a wind tunnel in such projects:

  • • Reduced time spent on location search.
  • • Relatively lower project budget.
  • • Reduced advertising costs due to the presence of human traffic.

Disadvantages of this type of installation:

  • • Dependence on the mall's work schedule.
  • • Complexity in coordinating construction works with the building's administration.
Windtunnel in a shopping mall

Regardless of your project concept, our engineers are ready to assist you in coordinating the wind tunnel installation process. The most productive collaboration happens when you've already selected potential locations. In such cases, we recommend reaching out to us. This will not only save you time but also help you avoid many common project pitfalls.